November 11, 2011

Drug Free Week - Costumes Edition

Wanna see our creative Halloween costumes that are so our of our comfort zone?! 

Here ya go...

Our goal was to think outside of the box and dress up as something that neither one of us ever were or ever want to be. 

 Me and Crystal

Miss Behaved and Miss Understood
And I think we achieved that goal of going outside the box.

One of the days during Drug Free week, we had CAMO day.  Let me just tell you something... I may live in South Mississippi where camo is 100% acceptable and almost frowned upon if you aren't wearing it at least during hunting season, but I had NEVER worn camo before.  I'll have to say that those overalls are the most comfortable thing I have ever worn.  They are neck and neck with pjs I must add...

Then we had team jersey day! 
I was rooting for my Auburn Tigers while Crystal was rooting for the Saints.

We had so much fun this week, but dressing up everyday causes a stressful week, and I'm am so thankful it's over!

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