November 10, 2011

Drug Free Door Decorating

Several weeks back, we had Drug Free week.  Every year we do are required to decorate our classroom door, and this year was no exception.  Since our Drug Free week started on the Monday of Halloween, I decided to extend our door decoration to include fall.  So I went the fall route and did one of my new favorite creatures the OWL...

I never could find an owl pattern that I was completely 100% in love with, so I came up with my own.  I am in love with his 3-D eyes that pop out.  The kids really loved making him, and they had even more fun playing with the owl when I took him down.

If you want to download the patterns that I used to make the owl, click this link here and here.  You will need to download BOTH files...

The only other supplies you will need are:
  • brown paper bag
  • white construction paper for belly
  • wiggly eyes
  • black circles for center of eyes

The only thing the kids really need help with is bending the beak so that it is 3-D.  Goodness, I'm all about this 3-D stuff.
Hope you enjoy.

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